The Young Scholars Network (YSN) organized a workshop at Etmaal 2023 on effective brainstorming and creative thinking techniques. The hands-on session was moderated by Joël Hendrix, who shared her insights on how to overcome writers’ block and encourage out-of-the-box thinking.

The workshop was structured in three sections, each focusing on another technique. After an interactive ice-breaker,  Joël introduced the Driver analysis as an individual brainstorming approach. Subsequently, participants reflected on a given topic in duo’s, following the What-if technique, to end with an interactive role-play with the aim to practice multi-perspective taking. Even though the session was methodological in nature, the delivery was very practical, with a focus on application and guided learning.

The workshop was received well by the conference attendees as around 50 young scholars participated. The large participation shows that more practical methodological sessions are welcomed by young scholars, and that reflection and brainstorming are relevant for them in succeeding in their career.