On 4 February 2016, during the Etmaal 2016 conference, the Young Scholars Network organized a “Managing your career” event for young scholars. In an interactive session, Prof. dr. Moniek Buijzen and academic coach Riky van Og discussed topics such as: What to do after your PhD? How can you start managing your career today? What makes you tick? Which issues do you may encounter during your career and how can you deal with them? 

More than 25 young scholars attended the session and discussed their questions, issues, and future plans with the presenters and fellow young scholars. One of the main conclusions of the event was that PhD students wishing to work in academia after finishing their PhD should try to make their ambition as visible as possible to others.

Considering the positive reactions of the attendees, we can conclude that the “Managing your career” event was a successful event that stimulated young scholars to think about their future career.”