NeFCA aims to advance the scholarly study of communication by encouraging and facilitating excellence in academic research and the creation of an academic community of communication scholars in The Netherlands and Flanders.

NeFCA is a non-profit association. Its purpose is:

  • Advancement of research in the field of communication
  • Advancement of the dissemination and use of research findings as well as theory formation in the field of communication
  • Advancement of the quality of practice of the profession by its members
  • Advancement of the (inter)national network of communication scientists

NeFCA strives to achieve its goals through:

  • Organization of conferences
  • Promotion of mutual scientific communication and research co-operation between members and the organization of a network of correspondents.
  • Co-operation with other associations and institutions within and outside Belgium and The Netherlands
  • Providing a forum for the development, conduct, and critical evaluation of communication research.
  • Participating in dialogues with universities, funding agencies and industry partners.
  • Facilitating inclusiveness and debate among scholars from multi-disciplinary perspectives on communication-related issues.
  • Promoting a wider public interest in, and visibility of, the theories, methods, findings and applications generated by research in communication and allied fields.

Please read NeFCA’s by-laws (de NeFCA statuten in Dutch).