NeFCA activities are sponsored through annual membership fees. 

Benefits included in this membership:
• You become part of a network
• You can become a member of our divisions
• You get a registration discount for the Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap

As of 2014 we offer two options for our (new) members:

A: Institutional membership
1 x institutional membership (1000 Euros for 10 staff members (UD, WD, UHD, Hgl) and 75 Euros for all additional members including FREE membership for all PhD-students at the department.
If you want to apply for the institutional membership or want more information, please contact

B: Individual membership
You can also apply for individual membership. Staff /regular members pay 75 Euros per year and PhD students pay 50 Euros per year. If you want to apply for the individual membership or want more information, please contact

Members are requested to inform NeFCA of status- and address changes to help keep member data accurate.

* Student members automatically become members of the Young Scholars Network at no extra charge. Student membership is automatically converted into a regular membership after 4 years. If a member can prove his/her student status after 4 years, the student membership will be extended by one year. Student members include PhD candidates, Master students and Bachelor students.
*  Student membership requires a form of proof of student status, such as copy of the relevant pages (status + end date) of PhD contract, copy of the acceptance letter which states PhD student status + end date, letter from institute’s scientific be granted upon reception of this form of proof.