YSN Online Series 2020. 4/4: ‘Communicating your research: lessons from Bitescience’ by Esther Rozendaal, Moniek Buijzen, & Crystal Smit

Date(s) - 28/10/2020
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Title: Communicating your research: lessons from Bitescience
By: Esther Rozendaal, Moniek Buijzen, & Crystal Smit
Website: https://bitescience.com/

Description: It is very likely that your research is also relevant for nonacademic audiences, such as societal stakeholders, policy makers, or the more general public. Unfortunately, the academic output you are producing is often not accessible to these audiences. Scientific reports are often difficult get access to, too complex, and, let’s face it, a bore to read. Therefore, this workshop will help you to get your message across to nonacademic audiences.

We discuss ways to provide access to your growing scientific expertise, for example by using social media, and to present knowledge in an attractive manner. Importantly, you will learn to write a ‘Bitescience Research Update’, grasping and formulating your most relevant findings in bitesize portions.https://www.bitescience.com/

Zoom: https://radbouduniversity.zoom.us/j/97064641332?pwd=WFlCY1NpQWQxcThQblQvVXgrZ3M1Zz09

Sign-up link: https://forms.gle/vq4ZsWsF39SGg4KH6

About the YSN online series 2020:
The corona crisis affects us all in intricate ways as it dominates all areas of public and private life worldwide, including scientific enterprise. For many communication scholars, working from home and meeting online with colleagues and peers has become the norm. In light of this, NeFCA’s Young Scholars Network decided to launch the new year with an online series on doing communication research and communicating science online.

YSN online series 2020