YSN Online Series 2020. 3/4: ‘Presenting online: how to dodge boredom?’ by Dietmar Hertsen & Edward De Vooght, De Redenaar (The Orator)

Date(s) - 14/10/2020
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Title: Presenting online: how to dodge boredom?
By: The Orator (De Redenaar; Dietmar Hertsen & Edward De Vooght)
Website: www.deredenaar.be

Description: If we frequently lost our interest in academic presentations before going online, then today we battle online boredom every day. Online presentations just don’t seem to achieve the same level of engagement as a live performance. But maybe that is just because we present as if nothing has changed, while a new medium calls for new techniques. In this interactive workshop De Redenaar (The Orator) will discuss the key differences between live and online performances which should be considered for every entertaining and impactful online presentation.

Zoom: https://radbouduniversity.zoom.us/j/92133025954?pwd=N1k1cVJzWWM3Wm9RcjBFZGt5RDY5QT09

Sign-up link: https://forms.gle/pmAGzetgbHfyPEav7

About the YSN online series 2020:
The corona crisis affects us all in intricate ways as it dominates all areas of public and private life worldwide, including scientific enterprise. For many communication scholars, working from home and meeting online with colleagues and peers has become the norm. In light of this, NeFCA’s Young Scholars Network decided to launch the new year with an online series on doing communication research and communicating science online.

YSN online series 2020