Persuasive Communication: Netnography unravelled – Workshop with prof. Rossella C. Gambetti @ Ghent U

Date(s) - 20/09/2024
9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Netnography unravelled – Workshop with prof. Rossella C. Gambetti @ Ghent U

Netnography is a cutting-edge qualitative method, adapting ethnographic techniques to the digital landscape, allowing researchers to explore cultural experiences as reflected in social media traces, networks, and systems. We invite Dr. Rossella Gambetti to share her insights in this method in an interactive full-day workshop. Prof. Gambetti is an expert in netnography with both extensive academic and practical experience in the field. As an interpretive scholar, her research delves deeply into the interactions between consumer culture, branding, and technology, shaping modern consumption and communication patterns. She has conducted numerous netnographic studies on diverse topics, including social media behaviors of amateur chefs, virtual influencers, and counter-brand activism.

This workshop is aimed at researchers in communication studies, specifically with a background in persuasive communication, wishing to advance their research methodologies and application to pressing social issues. The workshop aims to equip researchers with the necessary skills and understanding to utilize netnography, gain more insight into the method, get started concretely (e.g. writing an immersive journal, write personal reflections, formulate the right research questions, etc.) and receive feedback from a leading expert in the field.

When: September 20, 2024: 10:30- 16:00.

Location: Ghent University, Campus Ufo, Technicum T2, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41, 9000 Gent (Belgium) (room TBA)

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