Mediaconcentratie en Journalistiek in Vlaanderen (Media Concentration and Journalism in Flanders)

Date(s) - 17/03/2020
12:30 pm - 5:30 pm


Media concentration in Flanders has increased in recent decades. The Flemish Media Regulator reports on this every year to the Flemish Government. The state of affairs is clear. However, less is known about the consequences of this media concentration on journalism in Flanders.

We often assume that media concentration results in fewer journalists, less diversity, less pluralism and a more extensive commercialization of the journalistic product. Is this the case? Can media concentration sometimes also be good for both consumers and citizens? What does research tell us about this?

The aim of this strategic dialogue exercise, organised by SMIT in collaboration with Nefca, is to present the most recent research results in the field of media concentration and journalism in Flanders in a relatively limited group with a number of invited stakeholders from industry, academia and policy, and to discuss these with each other.

This event focuses primarily on policymakers, politicians, regulators, industry, journalists and academics who want to know more about the effects of media concentration on journalism in Flanders.

You can register for the event here