European Communication Science Event @ Radboud University Nijmegen

Date(s) - 20/06/2024 - 21/06/2024
All Day

As you know the next ICA conference will take place in Australia on June 20-24, 2024. Over the last years, we had many conversations with European scholars who have decided not to attend this year’s meeting because of sustainability reasons. For these European communication scholars, we plan to organize a 2-day event to meet, interact, learn, and socialize regionally. This European communication science event will take place on 20-21 June at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. 

During this 2-day event we plan to offer the following:

  • Live presentations of accepted (remote) ICA papers;
  • A special session dedicated to rejected ICA papers;
  • Thematic panel sessions;
  • Method workshops;
  • ManyLabs collaboration sessions;
  • Free-format innovative sessions;
  • Social events.

Below, you will find more details about the formats we plan to offer.

Radboud University Nijmegen will host the meeting, which will take place at the university campus. Nijmegen offers reasonably affordable hotel rooms at a convenient distance from the campus. The organizing committee is planning to offer plenty of opportunities to meet and socialize including lunch and dinner (with RU and VU being involved in the organization, there might even be traditional RUVU drinks!). We intend to keep the fee as low as possible to keep attendance affordable; we now aim at a fee of around 100-150 Euros.

Important for now: if you would like to participate during this event in a live session for ICA papers (remote or rejected), than you have to make sure to submit your paper to ICA—deadline November 1st, 2023 (for more info see below).

The deadline for submission to one of the other sessions is on February 15th, 2024. We will send more information on how to submit for these formats in January.

As there will be limited capacity at the event, we will give priority to scholars that submitted a paper to ICA that was accepted/rejected for remote presentation and to scholars whose submitted proposal for one of the other sessions organized at our event is accepted. Only if with these scholars we do not reach the maximum capacity of 200 people, registration will be open for all. Please note that all submissions for this event will be reviewed (except for the accepted remote ICA papers).

Our initiative is not officially recognized as a regional hub by ICA. However, we are in close contact with ICA officials to ensure a seamless collaboration.

We are already looking forward to meeting you in June 2024!

In case of any questions, ideas, or remarks please contact Marieke Fransen (

Kind regards,

Marieke Fransen (Radboud University)
Anita Eerland (Radboud University)
Barbara Müller (Radboud University)
Hanneke Hendriks (Radboud University)
Ivar Vermeulen (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Marijn Meijers (University of Amsterdam)



  • Live presentations of accepted (remote) papers

If you want to participate in this format, you’ll need to submit to the regular ICA 2024 conference and select “remote”. When your paper is accepted, it is expected that you will present online at ICA according to the ICA program. During our event at the Radboud University we will provide you with the additional opportunity to present your submitted and accepted work to a live audience. Note that there is a fee for remote participation at ICA (will be announced in December according to the ICA website). The deadline for ICA submissions is on November 1st, 2023. 

  • Special “Rejected paper” session

The ICA conference generally has a high rejection rate with many high-quality papers being rejected. At our event we would like to provide the opportunity to present your rejected paper in a “rejected paper” special session. This session will not only allow us to discuss studies that otherwise would not have been disseminated to us, but it will also enable us to reflect on the pros and cons of conference paper review procedures as currently in place in academia. To participate in this session, your paper needs to have been rejected by ICA (obviously). Note that there will be a light review procedure (sanity check) for these submissions. The deadline for ICA submissions is on November 1st, 2023. Of course, you do not have to register for ICA in this case.

  • Thematic panel session

During our event we would also like to offer the opportunity to organize panel sessions on important themes. The idea here is that you submit a proposal in which you introduce the topic of the panel and present separate abstracts for the presenters (4-5) that will contribute to the panel. Submissions will be peer reviewed. The deadline for panel sessions is on February 15, 2024 (more information will follow).

  • Method and data analysis workshops

To stay up to date on new methods and data analysis techniques used in communication science, we also offer the opportunity to organize workshops. So, do you have knowledge on (advanced) methods or statistical analyses that is relevant to communication scientists, please submit a proposal to organize a workshop. The deadline is on February 15, 2024 (more information will follow).

  • ManyLabs collaboration session

Do you have ideas on, for example, a ManyLabs replication study or are you working on a study for which you need many participants and/or many labs, and you are looking for collaborators? This format will offer the opportunity to get in contact and to work together with colleagues on your project. You can submit your idea (deadline February 15, 2024), and a session with interested colleagues will be organized (more information will follow).

  • Innovative sessions

Do you have other ideas than discussed in the formats above, please do not hesitate to submit a proposal with your idea. For this session we are thinking about, for example, movie showings, open science meetings, art in science, grant writing collaboration, education etc. The deadline is on February 15, 2024 (more information will follow).