Etmaal 2021 – Young Scholars Network

Below are the sessions and presentations for the online Etmaal 2021.

Friday 13:00 – 15:00
Diversity issues in academia

Together, the Young Scholar Network and the TWG Intercultural Communication and Diversity organize an Etmaal panel on diversity issues in academia by, about and for PhD students, consisting of presentations (from the field and academic) and moments of discussing and sharing experiences, on Friday February 5 from 13.00-15.00. Presenters will be: Prof. Semiha Denktaş (Chief diversity officer of EUR) and Ms. Shardia Briscoe-Palmer (Lecturer at De Montford University in Leicester) and Dr. Kate Mattocks (Lecturer at the University of East Anglia).

We would like to invite all junior scholars to this panel session! Please let us know if you want to attend by sending an email to To gather some input for the discussions and to give the speakers some background, we want to ask you to fill out this survey: In order to create an open atmosphere, this session is only meant for junior scholars (Master students and PhD students).