Etmaal 2021 – Popular Communication

Below are the sessions and presentations for the online Etmaal 2021.

Friday 13:00 – 15:00

Chair: Stijn Reijnders & Balazs Boross

Isabelle Cuykx, Lauranna Teunissen, Paulien Decorte, Sara Pabian, Kathleen Van Royen, Hilde Van den Bulck, Heidi Vandebosch, Charlotte De Backer The impact of COVID-19 on recipe use amongst different consumer segments
Apoorva Nanjangud, Stijn Reijnders Locating fans in fictitious worlds: an ethnographic analysis of the tourist experience at Bollywood Parks Dubai
Anouk De Ridder, Alexander Dhoest, Heidi Vandebosch, Tim Kreutz “Sweetness wins from bitterness.” Hedonic and eudaimonic entertainment experiences of a humorous human-interest programme
Rashid Gabdulhakov The pigs who retaliated on merchants: Inter-ethnic frustrations and YouTube vigilantism in Russia.
Bruno Dupont, Maarten Denoo, Eva Grosemans, Steven Malliet, Rozane De Cock Contextualizing dark patterns with the ludeme theory: A new path for media education?
Paulien Decorte, Lauranna Teunissen, Isabelle Cuykx, Karolien Poels, Tim Smits, Christophe Matthys, Heidi Vandenbosch, Sara Pabian, Kathleen Van Royen, Charlotte De Backer Young adult recipe influencers and choice motivations during COVID-19.