Etmaal 2021 – Political Communication

The political communication division will organize junior-meets-senior sessions. In this session, a senior scholar (the discussant) will meet with two junior scholars (PhD students) to discuss their research. The PhD student will send (a draft or shorter version) of their paper to the senior scholar in advance and during the meeting they will discuss the paper. To make the meeting more focused and to mimic the networking experience in scientific conference, the meetings are only open for the senior and junior scholars who are invited for the meeting. The following papers are accepted for the etmaal:

Cato Waeterloos, Michel Walrave, Koen Ponnet Digital Issue Movements: Predicting Online & Offline Climate Activism
Edward De Vooght, Sarah van Leuven, Liselot Hudders What’s in the name of strategy? A survey of Flemish politicians and party staffers’ knowledge, self-reported use and expectations of rhetorical figures in speeches
Mónika Simon, Nadia Metoui, Damian Trilling Deepfake Negativity: Political attacks, disinformation, and the moderating role of personality traits on evaluations of politicians
Emma van der Goot, Sanne Kruikemeier, Jeroen de Ridder, Rens Vliegenthart Online battles: A typology of political conflict frames
Janice Butler, Carolin Ischen, Jakob Ohme Self-disclosure of unaccepted news exposure to a chatbot
Edina Strikovic, Rens Vliegenthart, Linda Bos, Toni van der Meer The effects of references to the people on perceptions of representation
Linda van den Heijkant, Martine van Selm, Iina Hellsten, Rens Vliegenthart Responses to news exposure via traditional versus social media: Examining self-reported and manipulated media exposure
Xiaoyang Zhao, Knut de Swert Mapping political communication and journalism research on China: A comparative content analysis of Asia Jour.of Comm. and Chinese Journal of Comm. since Xi Jinping’s presidency (2008-2019)
Marieke van Hoof, Corine Meppelink, Judith Möller, Damian Trilling It Matters How You Google It: How Issue Attitudes and Political Preferences impact Search Term Choice
Susan Vermeer, Damian Trilling, Sjoerd Stolwijk, Sanne Kruikemeier, Claes de Vreese NPOlitics: Using a computational approach to understand television news consumption
Linh Le, Rozane De Cock, Lutgard Lams One but Not the Same: Towards the Construction of the Vietnamese News Media Model through the Building of Explanatory Sub-Dimensions
Fabio Votta, Claes de Vreese, Tom Dobber, Natali Helberger Mis(use) of Political Microtargeting in Practice