Etmaal 2021 – Media Psychology

Below are the sessions and presentations for the online Etmaal 2021.

Thursday 09:00 – 11:00
The Psychology of Digital Media Technology: Games, Gambling & Robots

Chair: Rebecca de Leeuw

Ewa Miedzobrodzka, Elly Konijn & Lydia Krabbendam Habitual and Short-term Exposure to Violent Video Games Slows Down Adolescents’ Perspective Taking
Maarten Denoo, Niels Bibert & Bieke Zaman Why do people bet on esports? Constructing monetary and skin gambling motivation through Means-End Chain Theory
Marieke S. Wieringa, Barbara C.N. Müller & Tibor Bosse The Artificial Harm-Made Mind: A Replication Study On The Relationship Between Intentional Harm And Mind Perception In Robots
Silke Brandsen, Beth Nutbrown, Francesca Stocco & Lorenzo Zaffaroni Children’s digital and non-digital play practices with Cozmo, the toy robot

Thursday 11:00 – 13:00
The Psychology of Adolescents and Social Media

Chair: Laura Vandenbosch

Lara Schreurs & Laura Vandenbosch Examining the Reciprocal Relations between Active Parental and Active Peer mediation and Adolescents’ Social Media Literacy on the Positivity Bias
Tim Verbeij, Loes Pouwels, Ine Beyens & Patti M. Valkenburg The Accuracy and Validity of Self-Reported Social Media Use Measures Among Adolescents
Sarah Devos, Kathrin Karsay, Steven Eggermont & Laura Vandenbosch (KU Leuven):  “Whatever You Do, I Can Do Too:” The Relations Between Positive Social Media Content, Inspiration and Pressure
Anaëlle Gonzalez, Laura Vandenbosch & Ann Rousseau Disentangling the Links between Differential Social Media Interactions and Adolescents’ Pro-Environmental Cognitions and Behaviour Over Time
Teun Siebers, Ine Beyens, Loes Pouwels & Patti Valkenburg Distracted or Not? An Experience Sampling Study on Adolescents’ Social Media Use and Self-Control Failure
Robyn Vanherle, Hanneke Hendriks & Kathleen Beullens Only for Friends, Definitely Not for Parents: Adolescents’ Alcohol References on Social Media Features

Thursday 13:00 – 15:00
The Psychology of Television & Film: Satire, Professional Aspirations, Empathy, and Death Attitudes

Chair: Gaëlle Ouvrein

Britta C. Brugman & Christian Burgers International Satire Audiences: A Survey of the Characteristics of Dutch viewers of American satire
Ellen Droog, Christian Burgers & David Mann Cognitive, emotional, and excitative processing of satirical news, and their effects on persuasion
Ilse Vranken & Laura Vandenbosch A Mixed Methods Study to Unravel the Role of the TV-Program Kamp Waes in Late Adolescents’ Vocational Anticipatory Socialization
Cecile Collin, Marieke Fransen, Anneke de Graaf & Enny Das The influence of Mortality Salience of Self vs. Loved Ones on death attitudes

Thursday 15:00 – 17:00
The Psychology of Digital Love & Hate: Dating, Sexting, and Cyber Violence

Chair: Tilo Hartmann

Femke Konings, Ilse Vranken, Rebecca Dredge, Laura Vandenbosch & Sindy Sumter A Systematic Review of Quantitative Research on Geo-Social Dating Applications
Tess van der Zanden, Maria Mos, Alexander Schouten & Emiel Krahmer What Makes an Online Dating Profile Text Original? Effects of Originality in Dating Profiles on Impressions of Profile Owners’ Personality and Attractiveness
Chelly Maes & Laura Vandenbosch Physically Distant, Virtually Intimate: Why Adolescent Sext during the First Lockdown of the COVID-19 Crisis
Daniëlle Bleize, Doeschka Anschütz, Martin Tanis & Moniek Buijzen An online behavior change intervention to reduce WhatsApp conformity to cyber aggression
Janneke M. Schokkenbroek, Wim Hardyns & Koen Ponnet The relationship between pornography consumption and victimization and perpetration experiences of online and offline partner violence

Friday 13:00 – 15:00
The Psychology of Physical & Mental Health through Media

Chair: Kathleen Beullens

Pia de Boer, Alexander van Deursen & Thomas van Rompay Health Internet-of-Things on the move, but can we keep up? A performance test approach to measure IoT skill related problems when using activity trackers
Orpha de Lenne, Steven Eggermont, Tim Smits & Laura Vandenbosch The Impact of CSR Fit in The Effects of Non-Idealized Models on Body Image and Ad Outcomes
Nadia Bij de Vaate, Jolanda Veldhuis & Elly Konijn Types of Social Media Use and Mental Health and Body image among Adolescents
Katrien Maldoy, Karolien Poels & Charlotte De Backer Cheers to you: a profile analysis of those entering e-drinking and e-dining during the Covid-19 crisis in Belgium

Friday 15:00 – 17:00
The Psychology of Everything: Norms, Risk Behaviors, ICT Resources, and Phubbing

Chair: Rowan Daneels

Helene Laporte Adults’ view on gender norms at school: Media, social, and individual factors shaping gender normative beliefs
Anne Sadza, Serena Daalmans, Esther Rozendaal & Moniek Buijzen Towards an understanding of adolescents’ perspectives on mediated risk behavior
Sarah Anrijs, Lieven De Marez & Koen Ponnet Income-poor, ICT-poor? A survey study on differences in ICT resources of Flemish low-income people
Floor Denecker, Koen Ponnet, Sarah Anrijs & Lieven De Marez Dyadic investigation of the influence of phubbing behaviour on mother-child relationship quality