Etmaal 2021 – Media Industries and Policies

Below are the sessions and presentations for the online Etmaal 2021.

Thursday 15:00 – 17:00

Chair: Tom Evens

Dorien Luyckx, Karolien Poels, Tim Smits, Steve Paulussen “I am here just to read.” How native ad characteristics influence readers’ perception of a news site, advertisers and native ads.
Maarten Denoo, Steven Malliet, Eva Grosemans, Bieke Zaman Dark design patterns in video games: A content analysis of monetization and gambling mechanics in pay-to-play, free-to-play and social casino games
Rebecca Wald, Jessica Piotrowski, Theo Araujo, Annemarie van Oosten Virtual Assistants in Families. A Cross-Sectional Survey Study to Understand Families’ Decisions to Use Virtual Assistants in the family home
Pallavi Bansall, Payal Arrora Feminist approaches to designing location-based platforms in India