Etmaal 2021 – Journalism

Below are the sessions and presentations for the online Etmaal 2021.

Thursday 09:00 – 11:00
News audiences

Discussant: Tim Groot Kormelink

Kiki de Bruin, Yael de Haan, Rens Vliegenthart, Sanne Kruikemeier News Avoidance from Journalism Experts’ Perspective: A Delphi Study
Ming Ebbinkhuijsen, Rebecca de Leeuw, Moniek Buijzen, Mariska Kleemans Developing a model for children’s coping strategies and news avoidance regarding COVID-19 news
Sanne L. Tamboer, Mariska Kleemans, Anne Vlaanderen, Kirsten Bevelander An E-Learning Intervention to Increase Fake News Recognition in Children
Gabriela Jazmín Ruhl Ibarra, Jonathan van ‘t Riet, Mariska Kleemans “Warning: Graphic content ahead”: The effect of graphic violent news on emotions and social involvement

Thursday 11:00 – 13:00
Journalism and technology

Discussant: Michaël Opgenhaffen

Kenza Lamot What the metrics say. Online news popularity on the web and social media pages of mainstream media outlets
Hannes Cools, Baldwin van Gorp, Michaël Opgenhaffen Is the human news worker becoming less journalistic? The changing role of gatekeeping in news distribution in the age of computational journalism
Renée Van der Nat, Piet Bakker, Eggo Müller The imagined user and the design of audience engagement in interactive journalistic stories

Thursday 13:00 – 15:00
Meta-journalistic discourse

Discussant: Marcel Broersma

Jonas Nicolaï, Pieter Maeseele Talk show pardons as journalistic periphery: investigating the metajournalistic discourse surrounding Dutch news satire show Zondag met Lubach.
Afrooz Rafiee Discourse culture(s) of journalism: A comparative analysis of Iranian and Dutch handbooks
Maud Peeters, Pieter Maeseele The contribution of the online news startup space to media diversity and pluralism: the case of the yellow vests movement
Nicolas Michael Mattis, Anne Kroon Assessing political news quality: An automated comparison of political news quality indicators across German newspapers with different modalities and reach

Thursday 15:00 – 17:00
News content

Discussant: Sarah Van Leuven

Priscilla Hau, Steve Paulussen, Pieter Maeseele The discursive construction of a news event. A Belgian case study on the role of journalists and their sources as co-definers of the mediated public debate on asylum support.
Marie Figoureux, Baldwin Van Gorp, Jan van Hove “Taking Back Control”: Framing Migration Beyond the Intruder–Victim Dichotomy
Robert Heckert, Margot van der Goot How do journalists reflect on the media portrayal of multiple identity organizations

Thursday 17:00 – 18:00
Virtual apero