(online) Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap 2021

The Etmaal this year will be an online event on 4 and 5 February 2021. We made this decision after careful consideration between the NeFCA board and the Etmaal 2021 organizing committee at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), as it is unlikely that COVID-19 related measures will be relieved any time soon.


The schedule & program for the Etmaal 2021 is now available online: https://nefca.eu/etmaal-2021-schedule/. Zoom links for all sessions will be communicated through NeFCA’s newsletter.


The virtual Etmaal will be in a smaller configuration than our regular Etmaal. We want to focus on PhD students and research masters, as for them, it is most important to be able to present their work at academic conferences. Thus, for this Etmaal, only PhD students can submit an abstract. If they are the first author, supervisors and others can be co-authors.

Deadline for abstracts was Monday 16 November, at 5pm (17:00 hours). We are very happy to share that we received 120 submissions for the online Etmaal. The steering committees of the divisions currently review the submissions and develop a format for their online sessions. The divisions will send out notifications of acceptance. In the week of 14 December, a preliminary schedule will become available on the NeFCA website and through the Newsletter. We are already looking forward to 4-5 February, and hope to see many of you then!

The online Etmaal will have a plenary session on Friday, 5 February, at 10am. This plenary session will consist of a welcome by the NeFCA board, the annual award ceremony (in which the NeFCA Senior Career Award 2021 and the NeFCA Dissertation Award 2019 will be awarded), and NeFCA’s General Assembly. This is followed by the keynote and panel at 11am by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel on ‘Diversity, Democracy and Communication’.

On Thursday or Friday (4 or 5 February), each division will organize one or more online sessions in which the PhD students who submitted to the specific division can present their work. The divisions have the freedom to set up their session(s) in a way that fits their submissions best. The review process will also be coordinated per division.

We highly apprecriate the role of the steering committees of the divisions and of our Young Scholars Network and our Educational Network in organizing sessions. Since the online Etmaal 2021 does not have a local organizing committee, we are very appreciative of these steering commitees stepping in, so we can all make this online Etmaal into a success.

More specific information about the sessions will follow later. For further information regarding the online Etmaal, please send an e-mail to the NeFCA Board: info@nefca.eu