The Educational Network intends to realize an exchange of ideas on and experiences with educational matters by organizing roundtables and workshops about issues that are relevant for those who manage and teach communication science degree programs at Bachelor’s, Master’s, Research Master’s, and postgraduate levels.

At the Etmaal 2020 in Amsterdam, NeFCA’s Educational Network (see organized a panel on innovative teaching methods, do’s and don’ts in cases related to teaching communication science, and links between education and the professional field.


  • Challenging Teaching: The success of a challenge as an educational tool
    Serena Daalmans and Esther Rozendaal
  • Adapting McQuail’s Mass Communication Theory for the Future of the Field
    Mark Deuze
  • Using blended learning in teaching qualitative research methods for media & communication studies
    Delia Dumitrica
  • Verbinding tussen communicatiewetenschap en het communicatievak: De SWOCC Case
    Guda van Noort
  • Professionalisering als leerlijn: Aandacht voor de persoonlijk-professionele ontwikkeling van studenten in het curriculum
    Elze Roes, Mariska Kleemans and Paul Ketelaar  
  • Project-based Learning in Communication Science Teaching
    Esther Schagen, Wouter Van Atteveldt and Linde Berkelmans
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