NeFCA’s Educational Network aims to provide a platform to discuss issues regarding:

  • teaching students in communication science
  • communication science degree programs
  • innovations in teaching and didactics.

The Educational Network intends to realize an exchange of ideas on educational matters by organizing roundtables and workshops about issues that are relevant for those who manage and teach communication science degree programs at both Bachelor’s, Master’s, Research Master’s, and postgraduate levels. Within NeFCA, the Educational Network might also provide a platform from which potential collaborations between communication programs in the Netherlands and Flanders can be explored.

Participation in the Educational Network is open to all communication scholars who like to share ideas on challenges regarding teaching in communication science, the current and future situation of the degree programs, educational collaborations and innovations in teaching and didactics.

The steering committee of the Educational Network consists of Dr. Martin Tanis (VU Amsterdam), Prof.dr. Martine van Selm (Erasmus University Rotterdam; chair), Dr. Mariska Kleemans (RU Nijmegen), and Dr. Steve Paulussen (University of Antwerp)