Opportunities and Challenges in Human-Machine Communication

On September 9th, the Human-Machine Communication temporary workgroup hosted its first event at Etmaal. Four amazing speakers shared their experiences and insights on various human-machine communication projects from both industry and academia. The presentations and the discussions were guided by the following questions:

  • How do users experience different types of human-machine communication?
  • What is the role of verbal and non-verbal communication in human-machine communication?
  • What technical challenges are involved in making machines acceptable?
  • What are the ethical challenges involved in human-machine communication?

The panel was moderated by Dr. Margot van de Goot from UvA. Dr. Joachim de Greef from TNO and Edward Bosma from Simulation Crew brought a unique industry perspective to the discussion, while prof. Dr. Marjolijn Anthenunis from Tilburg University and prof. Dr. Jochen Peter from UvA provided insights into academic research and the innovations and challenges faced. The speakers and attendees engaged in a productive discussion about common challenges, and attendees were able to ask questions and share their perspectives, and leading to a fruitful exchange of ideas on common challenges.

The session provided a valuable opportunity for participants to hear from leading experts in the field of human-machine communication and learn the latest developments and challenges in this field.