NeFCA’s Science Communication division provides a platform for Dutch and Flemish communication scholars working in the field of science communication. Research topics include communication about scientific topics (e.g., climate change, vaccination), but also communication related to science itself (e.g., citizen science, interaction between science and society, public engagement).

The division organizes activities to promote discussion, networking and cooperation among science communication researchers and practitioners. Activities include workshops and symposia, but can take many different forms. Examples of recent activities are BE.SciComm 2021 and BE.SciComm 2023 and the Language in Engaging Audiences symposium.

We are always looking to collaborate. If you have any ideas for events or would like to join the steering committee, feel free to each out! The Science Communication steering committee consists of Ionica Smeets (Leiden University;, Noelle Aarts (Radboud University;, Erik van Sebille (Utrecht University;, Ini Vanwesenbeeck (Tilburg University;, Ingrid van Marion (Free University of Brussels;, Lotte Krabbenborg (Radboud University;, Aart van Stekelenburg (Radboud University;, Aletta Meinsma (Leiden University;, Bart Vanhaelewyn (Ghent University;, and Björk Johannes (The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI);

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