Hands-on Digital 2023

Organized by NeFCA divisions ‘Persuasive Communication’ and ‘Media Industries & Policies’

Which challenges are brands facing in current digital times? How can they make use of the affordances the digital world is offering?

Three key take-aways from the speakers at the hands-on digital 2023, organized at Ghent University on May 4 by Center for Persuasive Communication (CEPEC) Universiteit GentCommunicatie, Media en Design Arteveldehogeschool and NeFCA:

👀 We can’t trust our eyes or ears anymore to judge the authenticity of images. Artificial intelligence allows us to automate ad copy and visuals, but may lead to consumer distrust. Putting a human lens on AI will be crucial for brands: make use of the affordances of AI, but use it wisely. Jan Algoed Jules Thys Foodmaker Brahim Zarouali

💯 Think about your value proposition. Know what your customer wants by relying on first-party data. Offer value in return for this data. Give your brand a soul and be consistent about your proposition in all your communications. Podcasts can be valuable to offer inspiring content to your customers, but again use it wisely: ad placements in podcasts may be a better choice when having small budgets. Jürn De Baets Club Brugge Chris De Backer Yugen Kombucha Dorien Luyckx

💖 Brand ambassadors are crucial to leverage the power of electronic word-of-mouth. While celebrities drive sales, influencers offer your brand entertaining, fun and inspiring content. BUT… do not forget your employees and customers, they are valuable brand ambassadors as well! Ellen Soens Margot Vansteenkiste LolaLiza

Looking forward to the 2024 edition!
The hands-on digital event unites practitioners, NeFCA researchers and students Communication Science and discusses new trends in digital marketing and branding.