On October 29 2018, the Behavioral Science Institute at Radboud University hosted the Advancing Positive Media Psychology symposium (NeFCA event). During the inspiring day-long symposium, Prof. dr. Art Raney, Prof. dr. Mary Beth Oliver, Prof. dr. Anne Bartsch, Dr. Allison Eden and Dr. Tilo Hartmann discussed their work on meaning-making, challenging media consumption, transcendence and morality.

By presenting insights from their pioneering work on the complex relationships between challenging and inspiring media content, self-transcendent emotional experiences, meaning-making practices, well-being, and prosocial behavior, they inspired fellow researchers and students to continue this research and fostered possibilities for ongoing collaboration in the field of positive media psychology. The symposium incorporated many and varied questions and opinions of audience members into a larger discussion regarding the implications of this more positive and inspiring perspective on media content, uses and effects research.