Media Psychology aims to study the processes that govern the ways in which individuals interact with the media. We seek to understand why people expose themselves to the various media (media uses) and what such exposure does to them (media effects). Media psychology deals with issues of cognition and emotion; with socialization and development through the lifespan (including both young, adult and ageing populations). It focuses on processes common to most people, but also on pathological outcomes.

The division is interested in theoretical and empirical contributions from a wide background of quantitative and qualitative methodologies. The rise of survey research has blurred the lines between psychology and sociology. Much media audience and effects research from a sociological or economic point of view would therefore also be welcome in the Media Psychology section.

The Media Psychology has a steering committee that consists of  Gaëlle Ouvrein (VU Brussel), Sofie Vranken (KU Leuven) and Martin Jansen (Radboud University). Joël Hendrix (Radboud University) is PhD representative of the division.

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