On November 25 2016, the Journalism division and the Political Communication division organized a NeFCA Workshop with the title: “Wanted. Dead or Alive. Journalists, journalism and their audiences in a changing media landscape” at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

The afternoon workshop focused on three domains: journalists and their practices and routines; news content and genres; and the consumption/use and effects of news reports. With this workshop the Political Communication and Journalism division of NeFCA aimed to bring together scholars from the Dutch and Flemish research community.

We started the exiting afternoon with a keynote talk of Ike Picone (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) about the (un)graspable news users. After this thought-provoking starting talk, we listened to three interesting presentations: “Augmenting the journalists’ journey” by Anne Nienhuis (Hogeschool Utrecht), “Journalism’s Dirty Little Secret. The rise of content curation in newsrooms” by Renée van der Nat and Piet Bakker (Hogeschool Utrecht), and “The source networks of economic journalists on Twitter and offline” by Michiel Johnson (Universiteit Antwerpen).

After a short break, we turned to the last four exciting presentations. We listened to a talk about the role of leadership in regional newsrooms and the perception of a digital first strategy by Henk Jan Karsten (Hogeschool Windesheim Zwolle), followed by a presentation with the title “Not only through a different gate: An automated content analysis of how the content of online news and print news differs” presented by Christiaan Burggraaff and Damian Trilling (Universiteit van Amsterdam). After that, we continued with a talk about cross-media news use in the areas in which people speak the Dutch language by Kristin Van Damme (Universiteit Gent ) and Joëlle Swart (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen). We ended the day with a presentation by Piet Bakker (Hogeschool Utrecht) with the title “Pictures without people; disruption in news photography”.

We closed the day with drinks and a dinner. We look back on a very successful day of discussing important topics within political communication and journalism and exchanging new insights from both divisions that led to a rich discussion. We thank the speakers and audience for making this day a successful one!

The organizing team, Bernadette Kester, Pytrik Schafraad, Sarah van Leuven, Annelore Deprez, Ruud Wouters, Luzia Helfer and Sanne Kruikemeier.