Successful ACHC symposium ‘Tailoring for Health’
Monday December 4, 2017

On Friday November 24, the fourth symposium of the Amsterdam Center for Health Communication (ACHC) took place in Amsterdam, entitled ‘Tailoring for Health. From theoretical idea to practical intervention’, chaired by Eline Smit.

During the afternoon, speakers working in science and practice have presented about the history of computer-tailored health communication (Hans Brug), novel tailoring strategies (Eline Smit), (the lack of) public health impact of computer-tailored interventions (Hein de Vries), as well as the implementation of such interventions by institutions like the ‘Voedingscentrum’ (Jovanka Vis). There was also a presentation on the techniques behind computer-tailoring (Mark Lardinois). The symposium ended with a keynote lecture by Mia Lustria, professor at Florida State University. Next to these ‘big’ speakers, there were seven people that informed the audience about their recent research findings, as well as starting and ongoing research projects on tailoring for health, through a so-called ‘Blitz presentation’.

The symposium was sponsored by The Netherlands Flanders Communication Association (NeFCA), the RPA Personalised Communication and a personal VENI-grant accredited by NWO-MaGW (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research – Division for the Social Sciences) to Eline Smit.

The ACHC, as well as the people that were present, again look back at a very successful symposium, during which the interest of the audience ensured much interaction between speakers and audience. For those that would like to see some of the presentations – the slides can be found by following this linkclick here for some pictures.