On May 12th, 2022 ACHC in partnership with NeFCA and ARPH hosted a spring symposium titled, “User-centered design in gezondheidsinterventies.” The symposium brought members together from research and practice, each seeking insight into one key question: How can we better develop sustainable interventions in health practice? During the symposium, audience members heard from and engaged with a diverse range of speakers. Speakers highlighted the importance of user centered design in the development of health interventions with topics ranging from fictional user personas to co-creation with end users to usability testing. Furthermore, the symposium provided ample learning and networking opportunities by means of an interactive human centered design workshop that was led by Esther Gervers (Health Innovation School of Amsterdam/Gloedmakers). The keynotes were led by two experts in the field, Claire Huijnen (Zuyd Hogeschool/EIZT) and Paul Vogt (Hanzehogeschool Groningen). Each shared their experiences with developing social robots for complex user groups. For access to all presentations, please follow this link: https://www.healthcommunication.nl/symposium/videos-symposium-user-centered-design-in-gezondheidsinterventies/