Looking for new members: Popular Communication division

The division popular communication has been without a steering committee for quite a while now. Moreover, both in terms of activities organized and Etmaal submissions, we see that the interest in the division wanes.

We believe that popular communication holds a place within the communication field, and we would like to work on renewing and repositioning the division within NeFCA. However, we can only do that if there is interest from our members to actively participate in the division.

Therefore, we are looking for new members for the Popular Communication steering committee. As a member of the steering committee, your main tasks will be to (1) formulate a new mission (and possibly a new name) for the division in consultation with the NeFCA board, (2) organizing activities in the coming year under the name of this division, and (3) actively working towards the long-term continuity of the division. Please reach out to us if you are interested: info@nefca.eu.

We will also address the future of popular communication on the General Assembly at the Etmaal next year (February 4, 2025). If we fail to establish a steering committee by the end of the year, and if we see there are too few submissions within the division for Etmaal 2025 (currently defined as fewer than 2 full sessions), we will proceed to vote on dissolving the division at the next meeting.