PhD workshop corporate communication, crisis communication and/or misinformation @Ghent University

Organized by the division Organizational Communication of the Netherlands-Flanders Communication Association (NeFCA) & the Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication (Ghent University)

NeFCA’s Organizational Communication division provides a platform for organizational communication scholars working in the Netherlands or Flanders. The research foci of the division center on the varied internal and external communication practices of public and private organizations (e.g. corporate social responsibility, crisis communication, internal communication). The division aims to shed light on the specific innovative research in this field by researchers living in the Netherlands and Flanders. Activities are organized to promote discussion and collaboration between scholars interested in organizational communication and between scholars and practitioners, to build a network of people studying these issues in The Netherlands and Flanders and to support PhD students.

PhD workshop: On Friday, May 17 2024 the Organizational Communication division organizes a seminar about misinformation in organizations, politics and during health crises. In light of this seminar, we welcome Dr. Toni van der Meer and Dr. Yan Jin. Toni van der Meer is an Associate Professor of Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam. His research interests include crisis communication, the effects and spread of misinformation, and the mediatization and politization of corporations. Yan Jin is a Professor in Public Relations at the University of Georgia. Her research interests include crisis communication, strategic conflict management, and health risk communication.
Prior to the seminar on misinformation, we organize a workshop for Belgian and Dutch PhD students who are active in the areas of organizational communication, crisis communication and/or misinformation. Each student must send a two-page document summarizing the focus of their PhD, the research they have conducted (if applicable), their future research plans, as well as any specific questions they might have. Toni van der Meer and Yan Jin will read these documents in advance and prepare feedback. Organizers Joost Verhoeven (Tilburg University), An-Sofie Claeys (Ghent University) and Aurélie De Waele (Ghent University), who specialize in internal communication, crisis communication and misinformation, will provide input and suggestions as well. During the workshop in Ghent, each PhD student will briefly present their work. Senior researchers and fellow PhD students will provide feedback.

Practical information

When: Friday, May 17 2024, from 09:00 to 11:00
Where: Walking distance from Gent-Sint-Pieters train station
Campus Mercator (Building A, room A104), Ghent University
Abdisstraat 1
9000 Gent
Registration: The event is free of charge. Registration is mandatory. Please send an email to organizer Aurélie De Waele at before April 30. In addition, include a document of maximum two pages with an overview of (a) the topic of your PhD, (b) any studies you have already conducted, (c) the research you have planned, and (d) any questions you might have. Registration is only complete upon receiving a confirmation email. If you would like to register for the subsequent seminar about misinformation as well (11:30-14:30), please send a separate email to An-Sofie Claeys at