On May 17th 2024, NeFCA’s Organizational Communication division organized two events at the Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication of Ghent University: a PhD-workshop and a seminar about misinformation. In the morning, a PhD-workshop allowed three junior scholars from KU Leuven, Radboud University and Ghent University to present their promising projects about misinformation and about crisis communication. They received feedback from their peers and from senior scholars Toni van der Meer (University of Amsterdam), Yan Jin (University of Georgia), and Aurélie De Waele (Ghent University).Next, we welcomed a group of about 60 Belgian and Dutch scholars, communication practitioners, and students to attend presentations about misinformationfrom three international scholars. Toni van der Meer (University of Amsterdam) shed light on misinformation in politics, Yan Jin (University of Georgia) discussed misinformation in the context of organizational crises, and Philipp Schmid (Radboud University) focused on misinformation in a health context. We ended the day with a discussion that included all of the attendees. Academics and practitioners interacted about a number of questions regarding misinformation. We discussed the problems that practitioners face when it comes to misinformation, and how researchers might help look for answers in the future.