Call for two new board members NeFCA

Dear NeFCA members,

The Netherlands–Flanders Communication Association (NeFCA) aims to advance the scholarly study of communication and media by encouraging and facilitating excellence in academic research and the creation of an academic community of communication scholars in The Netherlands and Flanders.

As stipulated in the bylaws, NeFCA is managed by a board which is approved by the general assembly. The current NeFCA board consists of prof. dr. Karolien Poels, (University of Antwerp), prof. dr. Stijn Joye (Ghent University), dr. Margot van der Goot (University of Amsterdam), dr. Alexander Schouten (Tilburg University), and dr. Hanneke Hendriks (Radboud University Nijmegen). More information about NeFCA’s Board can be found here. Each board member is appointed for four years, with a maximum of two consecutive terms. Early 2023, Stijn Joye’s second term will come to an end. Early 2024, Karolien Poels’ second term will come to an end. To ensure continuity in the board, we are currently looking for two new board members. Because we strive for a balanced representation of Flemish and Dutch universities both new board members need to be affiliated to a Flemish university.

According to the bylaws, the board decides on the specific role of each board member. We are now seeking two board members to take up the role as secretaries, with one mandate to change to the role of treasurer after one year. The secretary’s role is dealing with incoming and outgoing mail/requests, preparation of board meetings and the general assembly (agenda, minutes, and meeting documents), updating the website, preparing the newsletter, management of the memberships, etc. Roles may shift during the years as a NeFCA board member.

If you are interested to take up this role as secretary, please send an email with your (brief) motivation to prof.dr. Karolien Poels before 24th December 2022. The NeFCA board will select the new member based on the candidate’s motivation. The new NeFCA board will be presented to the general assembly at the Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap in February 2023.

With kind regards,

The NeFCA board,
Karolien Poels
Margot van der Goot
Stijn Joye
Hanneke Hendriks
Alexander Schouten