Call for Papers: Journalism Studies Issue on “Social Media Journalism and the Relationship Between its Characteristics, Constraints and Contingencies”

Journalism Studies Special Issue on “Social Media Journalism and the Relationship Between its Characteristics, Constraints and Contingencies”

Editors Jonathan Hendrickx (University of Vienna) and Prof. Michaël Opgenhaffen (University of Leuven) invite your submissions to a special issue in Journalism Studies that seeks to brings together research that contributes to a comprehensive understanding of social media journalism.

Submissions can deal with the following topics, among other perspectives:

  • Novel conceptual approaches of grasping the increasingly dominant role of social media platforms in all aspects of contemporary journalism and news content production, diffusion and consumption;
  • More theoretical contributions that, possibly through empirical work, help to shine light on how the work and identity of journalists are being altered profoundly as a direct consequence of SMJ, with special attention to concepts such as boundary work, (social) media logics, and professionalism within journalism;
  • Methodological frameworks to handle the quantitative and/or qualitative assessment of designated social media news posts, including for newer platforms such as TikTok;
  • Empirical studies on the types of news content diffused via social media platforms and how they are comparable with traditional platforms such as print, TV and online journalism, with or without an overt link with news values;

Submission Deadline of Full Papers: 23 December 2022

Publication of the Issue: September/October 2023

The full call for papers is available here: