Call for unpublished work: Systematic review on digital divide in mobile interventions for diet, physical activity, and sedentary behavior

We are currently conducting a systematic review of observational studies to identify whether the uptake, engagement and effectiveness of mobile interventions for diet, physical activity, and sedentary behaviour differ depending on several inequality indicators. The review is registered on PROSPERO:

Therefore, we are looking for unpublished observational studies asking:

  1. adults
  2. about the uptake/ engagement/ effectiveness of
  3. exclusively mobile interventions (e.g., smartphone apps, wearables)
  4. for primary prevention/ health promotion that
  5. target weight-related behaviours (i.e., eating behaviour, physical activity, sedentary behaviour),
  6. which report results separately by at least one inequality indicator: place of residence, race/ethnicity/culture/language, occupation, gender/sex, religion, education, socioeconomic status, social capital, personal characteristics associated with discrimination (e.g., age, disability), features of relationships (e.g., excluded from school), or time-dependent relationships where a person may be temporarily at a disadvantage
  7. and that are available in English

Please consider contributing to our review by providing us with any unpublished manuscripts (by sending an email to Laura König; or by forwarding this email to your colleagues who may be able to contribute.

Thank you for your time.

Best regards,

Dr Laura König
Dr Cindy Forbes
Dr Heide Busse
Dr Ann DeSmet
Dr Dorothy Szinay
Dr Eline Smi