Vacancy: Lecturer Interdisciplinary explorations in photography @ KU Leuven & LUCA

The research units Inter-Actions of LUCA School of Arts and the Institute for Media Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences (KU Leuven) jointly have one full-time position vacant. Ninety percent of the position is fulfilled as a lecturer at LUCA School of Arts in Genk (C-Mine), the remaining ten percent as a member of the ‘independent academic staff’ (ZAP) at the Institute for Media Studies on the Social Sciences campus in Leuven.

The main assignment (90%) within the appointment at LUCA School of Arts includes a clear research and teaching mission. The research assignment comprises artistically oriented scientific research with a view to developing a research cluster on the digitisation of the photographic medium. The research programme of this vacancy aims to investigate how photography moves, changes and transforms in this complex post-digital world, and how it can increase its capacity for action (agency) by blending with other domains, disciplines, participatory design methods and technologies. The teaching assignment at LUCA School of Arts consists of providing academic art education and supervision. The teaching assignment consists of designing educational activities, study counselling or educational concepts in order to provide education tailored to the needs of the student audience; guiding students in conceiving both the artistic and reflective components of final dissertations and interim research assignments; to be the lecturer and coordinator of a number of course units; to supervise assistants within a course unit or a cluster of course units and to take up teaching assignments.

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Closing date: February 28, 2022