KNAW event: Trustworthy science in the public domain

KNAW – 26 NOVEMBER 2021- FROM 15.00-16.30 HRS

Scientific knowledge can be the subject of fierce battles, especially when it comes to how the government deals with such issues as vaccination hesitancy, climate change or nitrogen emissions. Scientists have a tendency to fall into arguments about facts and values, and to take a ‘let me explain it one more time’ approach.

Ironically, social science research shows that this is actually counterproductive. That is why we must enter into a new, permanent dialogue with society in which we examine, question and discuss the interaction between values and science with an open mind.

This meeting will consider the issue at hand from two perspectives. First of all, we will discuss why scientific knowledge is called into question, who does this and their reasons. Second, we will talk about what we can do to ensure that science remains credible. The speakers will give brief pitches and then enter into debate. You can register here. The language of communication will be in English.

Online, via Zoom