Call for submissions for the Educational Network @ Etmaal 2022

The Educational Network intends to realize an exchange of ideas on and experiences with educational matters by organizing roundtables and workshops about issues that are relevant for those who manage and teach communication science degree programs at Bachelor’s, Master’s, Research Master’s, and postgraduate levels.

We will invite contributions from people teaching in the field of communication science that address topics such as innovative teaching methods, successful or not-so successful cases related to teaching communication science, or links between education and the professional field.

Contributions may concern a theoretical reflection, a presentation of a specific case or best-practice approach, or empirical research regarding one of these topics.

Submissions should be a maximum of 750 words all-inclusive (but can of course be shorter) and can be submitted at (deadline November 3).

The steering committee of the Educational Network: Martine van Selm (EUR, Rotterdam), Mariska Kleemans (RU, Nijmegen), and Steve Paulussen (UA, Antwerpen), Martin Tanis (VU, Amsterdam).