Call for nominations: The Frieda Saeys Prize 2022

The Board of the Frieda Saeys Foundation announces the third of an ongoing series of awards to support young scholars (master, doctoral and recently graduated post-doctoral students) to attend the Etmaal Conference – in Brussels, February 2022, organized under the auspices of the Netherlands-Flanders Communication Association (NeFCA).

The Frieda Saeys Foundation strives to stimulate research in memory of the late Professor dr. Frieda Saeys (1948-2007), Professor in the Department of Communication Sciences, University of Ghent, who studied and lectured in the fields of media, gender, policy, and diversity.

The winner will be selected by a Review Committee from submitted abstracts of papers on topics related to gender and media. The Review Committee includes Department of Communication Sciences of Ghent University faculty and a representative from NeFCA’s Young Scholars Network.

The prize awarded will consist of conference attendance fees, and, for meetings outside of the immediate area, transportation and/or housing support, as necessary to attend the Etmaal conference, the total not to exceed 300 Euros. Abstracts are not required to have been submitted to Etmaal.

Applications for the Frieda Saeys Prize must be submitted as a pdf file to, and include the author’s name, contact information, university affiliation, abstract title, and an abstract of 300 words or less. Proposals may be in English or Dutch. Applications must be received no later than 1 December 2021.