Vacancy: 3 PhD/Postdoc positions @ EUR

The Movez Lab (at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands) is looking for talented academics to join the team. We have three vacancies: one (Phd) in the SocialMovez project (NWO Vici) of Prof. Dr. Moniek Buijzen and two (PhD and Postdoc) in the MediaMovez project (NWO Vidi) of Dr. Esther Rozendaal. Below are the links to the job descriptions. Candidates can apply until May 2nd.

SocialMovez: Effective and responsible health campaigns for adolescents using online social networks (Prof.dr. Moniek Buijzen; funded by NWO Vici grant)

 MediaMovez: Empowering children to behave safely online (dr. Esther Rozendaal; funded by NWO Vidi grant)