Senior Academic ‘Digital media and strategic communication’ @ U Antwerp

The Department of Communication Studies in the Faculty of Social Sciences has the following full-time vacancy:

Senior Academic Staff in the field of Digital media and strategic communication


You will contribute to the University of Antwerp’s three core tasks: education (40%), research (40%) and service (20%). Your role also includes organisational and managerial aspects. You will provide high-quality education within Communication Sciences. You expand high-quality scientific research in the area of digital media effects (including social media, VR, apps, wearables, etc.) and other ’emerging technologies’ on people’s behaviour in the context of strategic communication (marketing and corporate communication, health communication, governmental communication, social profit communication, and political communication). In addition to the well-established social science methods, you have demonstrable experience with more direct measures such as eye tracking, psychophysiology and/or computational methods (big data analysis, machine learning, social network analysis), and you will develop leading research in this area. You play a role in the provision of both academic services and service to society, within the institution and externally. You participate in student recruitment, boards and committees, and science communication.

Deadline, May 24, 2021. More information: