(Non-NeFCA Event) A decade of Netflix in Europe (June 3, 2021)

Almost 10 years after the platform’s arrival in Europe, the SMIT Symposium takes account of Netflix’s development and current positioning in the EU.

The online half-day event is organised by imec-SMIT-VUB, and showcases findings from recent and ongoing research projects on platforms and audiovisual markets.

The Symposium takes a panoramic view of Netflix-related topics, from a wider European lens, to the occasional close-up on the small media market of Flanders. We will present findings from new and ongoing SMIT research projects, complemented with insights from international media scholars.

  • From the distribution angle, how is local European content distributed? Which streaming platforms have proven to be most advantageous for the promotion of Flemish content?
  • From a media production perspective, what does data analysis tell us about Netflix investments in small markets like Belgium?
  • With a focus on consumption, can we trace patterns of audience behaviour and potential consequences on cultural identity?

And finally, from a media policy point of view, how many countries have already introduced investment obligations for foreign on-demand players like Netflix, and what have they really gained?

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