Vacancy: Assistant/Associate Professor of Persuasive Communication Science @ Radboud U

The Communication Science group at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Radboud University is seeking an experienced Assistant or Associate Professor to further strengthen their educational programmes and highly reputed research. For this position, a research agenda in the area of persuasive communication is preferred. Within this area we focus on insights into the production, content and reception of persuasive communication that can provide a positive contribution to addressing contemporary challenges related to, for example, health, sustainability and politics. For example, we study how persuasive communication can motivate people to adopt healthy and sustainable lifestyles as well as why and how people resist (undesired) persuasive communication. Moreover, we are interested in new technological developments that have a strong impact on persuasive communication (e.g. data-driven personalisation and interactive media) and the consequences these developments may have on persuasion processes (e.g. privacy concerns).

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