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Awards at the Etmaal 2020 conference

At the Etmaal 2020 conference in Amsterdam, the following scholars were awarded for their achievements:

Laura Vandenbosch (KU Leuven) received the NeFCA Young Scholar Award 2020. The young scholar award is meant to honor the accomplishments of young doctors who succeed in combining their individual academic career with contributions to the discipline of communication and media research.

Femke Geusens (KU Leuven) received the NeFCA Disseration Award for her dissertation entitled “#DrinksWithFriends – The Underlying Processes and Conditionality of Alcohol-Related Social Media Effects“.

Thalia Van Wichelen (University of Antwerp) received the Frieda Saeys Prize for her Etmaal paper entitled: “De mening van Vlaamse ouders omtrent homoseksualiteit in kindertelevisie“.

Amandine Henderickx (Ghent University) received the Tijdschrift voor Communicatiewetenschap best paper award for her paper entitled: “Social influencers, Instapods, en het nieuwsoverzicht-algoritme van Instagram” (together with Ralf de Wolf).

Congratulations to all award winners!